Series LDF3 Residual Current Fire Monitoring Detector,Detector For Electric Fire Protection DIN Rail Installation

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LDF3 series residual current fire monitoring detector is an independent intelligent detector. As the relay part of the signal processing of the electrical fire monitoring system, the fire detector can intelligently analyze and process the signal transmitted by the lower-level terminal probe through the built-in circuit and software, so as to judge the status of each probe of the lower-level terminal (that is, the fault state , fire alarm status, normal working status), and send the fault, alarm and other information of each probe of the lower-level terminal of the machine (that is, one of the multiple detectors) to the upper-level electrical fire monitoring equipment through the RS485 communication network. Comprehensive processing of monitoring and alarming. The detector has the characteristics of probe fault diagnosis, high alarm accuracy, strong reliability (can effectively prevent false alarms and omissions), miniaturization, multi-function, simple and practical, and easy installation. It is suitable for electrical safety and fire protection in hotels, gymnasiums, business and summer, hospitals, libraries, computer rooms, bazaars, public cultural and entertainment venues, schools, cultural relics protection units, factory workshops, general warehouses and other areas. However, it is not suitable for flammable, explosive and highly corrosive environments.


  • Residual current alarm value – 100-1000mA (settable)

  • Temperature alarm value – 45-140°C
  • Communication -  RS 485 Inferface
  • Communication distance - ≤ 1000m
  • Working temperature  -10 °C~55°C
  • Storage ambient temperature  -10 °C~65°C
  • Working environment humidity ≤95%
  • Altitude ≤ 2000m
  • Maximum power consumption – 5W
  • Installation method-  standard 35 mm DIN rail
  • Alarm output – passive normally open point (normal suction)
  • Trip output – passive normally open point (instant suction)

♦ Basic Functions

Fault detection
When the detector detects an open-circuit or short-circuit fault in the transmission line of the residual current transformer, the fault indicator lights up, the corresponding channel indicator flashes rapidly, and a low-frequency fault alarm sound is emitted. When the fault is eliminated, the fault alarm is automatically removed. . Be
Leakage alarm: When the residual current value sampled by the detector is greater than or equal to the set value of the fire hazard, the detector lights up the alarm indicator, the corresponding channel indicator is always on, and a high-frequency alarm sound is issued, waiting for the duty personnel to deal with it. Such as relay output signal, can be used for external alarm
Network function
The detector comes with one RS485 interface, which can form a network with monitoring equipment for communication, and realize remote management and control;
Display function
The detector displays the current residual current value, alarm status and fault status through LCD
Self-check function
When there is no fault and alarm, press the self-check button to self-check the LCD screen, indicator light and buzzer on the panel, and display the leakage alarm value and program version number in turn.
Silencer function
When a fire threshold alarm or accidental friction alarm occurs, press the mute button to mute the sound, and the mute light will light up at this time.
Reset function
Press the reset button to reset the mute indicator lights, relays and all alarm and fault signals.

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